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Excess Baggage


DS Freight Can arrange for your excess babbage to be shipped to any location in the world for both holidays, business and relocation.

Baggage Allowances:

Baggage allowances are not always that generous, especially on short European flights and even on long haul flights the Baggage allowances for a family can be restricive.

Restricted Items:

If you are looking to ship restricted items, DS Freight can help. If you find that you have items that your airline wont allow in regular baggage then give us a call and see how we can help.

Airline Delayed Luggage :

Occassionally you might find that your airline has delayed your luggage. Many airlines will deliver to your door but for those that wont we can pick the luggage up at Heathrow and arrange for a quick delivery to any UK address.

Great Rates :

We offer very competitive rates per kg for shipment of excess and unaccompanied baggage through to any location in the world handling customs clearance and insurance requirements.

Further Information:

If you have an excess baggage problem then please feel free to call us or use the form below. We can provide a fast service to any location in the world to ensure that your baggage arrives with you at your destination.

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